Missing Women, Golden Cat

Madison Kanebright


[Excerpt from a crime story, revolving around the Golden Cat]

Mister Arrowhoff,

I assure you, my family has the means to pay you and your associates, should you locate my sister. You've got her name and description, and everything else we know about her initial weeks in Dunwall, before Patrice stopped writing to me.

However, there is one other detail, so hard to believe that I was reluctant to mention it.

There is an establishment within Dunwall called the Golden Cat. A bath house, I believe, though some say it's a brothel. I find it implausible that Patrice would ever be connected with such a place, but I would be remiss if I did not pass along the information. Just before her letters stopped coming, the cousin of an old friend said he saw Patrice performing there, singing and playing the harp. It could be nothing, but please investigate.

Lastly, if your search of the city has not borne fruit by the Month of Wind, I will be making the trip from Morley myself in order to retain another agent.


Madison Kanebright