River Krust Reproduction

Piero Joplin


[Excerpt from a nature journal - By Piero Joplin]

Curiously, the river krust possesses both male and female anatomical features. One can only imagine what this would mean for human society, were it true among our own species. Would we dispense entirely with courting and dances? Imagine the increase in efficiency, as we all dedicated ourselves to the important matters in life. Natural Philosophy, of course, but also industry and law. And when aged members of society needed to be replaced by more vigorous younger members, one could simply engage in the auto-impregnation process and produce the desired offspring.

Back to the matter at hand, while any given river krust is fully capable of inseminating itself, it must also be noted that reproduction does frequently occur between individual krusts. This happens when river krusts live in colonies, clustered above and below one another, such as when attached to a wooden dockyard piling. In these cases, as one of the mollusks releases its fluids, they run down across another in the colony, resulting in the intermixing of bloodlines.