Tyrion's Journal



26th Day, Month of Wind

I finally found a new place where I should be able to hide and survive for a long time if I stay quiet. The City Watch condemned the building, so this basement should be a safe spot. I have to believe that.

28th Day, Month of Wind

Everything is going as I expected. The Watch patrols in the street nearby, but they never enter this building. Food is the only problem, but I managed to steal some during the night.

2nd Day, Month of Darkness

Someone else found this place and wants to share it. He has a strange amulet made of bone and he claims that it protects him from the plague. We'll see.

Perhaps we can help each other, but I'm losing confidence in the odds of survival.

4th Day, Month of Darkness

Since he arrived, I've been having bad dreams and I don't feel really well. There're more and more rats in the building. Soon, I won't be able to leave this shack even if I want to. I'm starting to think that his amulet is cursed.