Customs and Food of Morley

Unknown [Dishonored]


[Excerpt from a traveler's journal]

Born and raised in Gristol, I spent my formative years in our smaller cities before settling in magnificent Dunwall. There, in the capital city, I learned to appreciate the finer things. When the opportunity arose to document my travels to Serkonos, Tyvia and finally Morley, I left my position as a clerk for the late Lord Estermont.

Perhaps, like so many in Dunwall, I suffer from being excessively cultured, but I found Morley disappointing.

Over the course of this journal, I will explain why I found the Festival of Churners to be tiresome, despite the high banners, bare feet, and red robes. And why their renown jellied ox tongue is something I will be struggling to forget for many years to come.