The Movements of Corvo Attano

Unknown [Dishonored]


Known Movements: Returned after an official deployment of roughly 2 months. After departure from Gristol, mission included stops at other major Isles at the behest of the Empress Jessamine Kaldwin. Arrived bearing ill news. Immediately apprehended for her murder.

Last Confirmed Sighting: Entered sewers under Coldridge Prison after escaping execution under unusual circumstances.

Testimony from Citizenry: Trey Dover

Confidence: Moderate, unconfirmed

Statement: Person matching subject's description seen conversing with unknown woman near front gates of the Academy of Natural Philosophy.

Testimony from Citizenry: Benjamin Hornibey

Confidence: Low, unconfirmed

Statement: Person matching subject's description seen fraternizing with oxherds just outside the city.

Testimony from Citizenry: Charlotte Kadenhead

Confidence: Low, second hand

Statement: Overheard conversation implying one of the parties involved had knowledge of the subject.

Suspected Alliances: None known.

Recommendation: Search of the Estate District, based on subject's prior position of authority and privilege.