On Apocrypha


The Elder Scrolls

On Apocrypha: Boneless Limbs

A writhing mass of heaped appendage
Slipping grasp the squirming slick
Extend the reach to touch the face
Burn the mind, reveal the quick

On Apocrypha: Delving Pincers

Crushing razors, hollow shells
That snap, that twitch, that cinch and rend
To hold the subject, bodily,
'Til mind blows soft and life meets end

On Apocrypha: Gnashing Blades

Bone extrusions gash and grind
In moistened depths of smacking heat
While tearing flesh from averse bone
The body whole prepares to eat

On Apocrypha: Prying Orbs

What takes the world in lightened sense
Can also seek the outward gleam
They rob the all of essence to
Report the nothing they have seen