Tales for Children

Unknown [Dishonored]


[Excerpt from a set of cautionary tales for children]

They say that Jimmy Whitcomb Riley
Was a brawler his mates called Smiley,
He ran around, up and down-town,
Pulling off every kind of crime-y.

On Bottle Street, he hung with boys,
Throwing bricks and glass and other toys,
They'd start a fight then run and hide,
Breaking, laughing, far and wide.

Smiley liked to eat and drink all day,
And smash and bash the night away,
Drunk and all alone, he drifted off a'sleeping,
Sitting on the bridge along John Clavering.

When he woke, something strange he found,
Stranger than a singing wolfhound,
He'd become a bluejawed hagfish most slimey,
And only remembered his name was Smiley.

They say that Jimmy Whitcomb Riley
Was never seen again for all of time-y,
But he swam around, up and down,
Drinking from the river, crying "Why me?"