The Whalers

Unknown [Dishonored]


[Excerpt from a journalist's report on organized criminal activity]

One gentleman of advanced age swore that his brother had been taken by "the Whalers," a notorious gang associated with the man called Daud.

According to Pieter Mansfeld, his brother Rodof was proud of working with the Royal Spymaster's Responsible Citizens Group, feeling no shame in reporting on what he perceived as shady dealings by his rivals at the fish markets. But this might have been the source of his trouble.

On the sixth evening of the Month of Hearths, Rodof came storming into Pieter's home, white-faced and panic-stricken, claiming to have been chased by a group of ruffians wearing the leather suits and vapor masks used by the men working in the whale oil factories. Pieter gave him supper and drink, sending him on his way later in the night. After which, Rodof was never again seen.