Megafowl 2: Revenge of the Hen

Meredith Sock


A sequel to The Sword is Mightier than the Hen, this horror novel by the novelist Meredith Sock is a rare collector's item. Though similar in parts to the first Megafowl book, this one begins with the death of Armageddon Smith, the Hero of the original. Armageddon has now retired and has a farm of his own. One night, as he rocks on his porch, reminiscing past glories, spitting out chicken wing bones into a bucket, the ground trembles and a giant shadow blocks out the moonlight. The giant chicken, descended from the first one Armageddon killed, gets it revenge with one swoop of its left claw, kicking the old hero into the horizon. This shocking opening sets the scene for the unremitting carnage that follows. The bleak ending in which the megafowl takes its own life may have contributed to the book being banned.