A Beginner's Guide to Business



This book is a comprehensive manual on all aspects of business, including shop ownership, becoming a landlord, and how to make a killing in the property market. On running your own shop it recommends you start by buying a stall, before moving up to a full-sized store. While you can set prices higher or lower than the town standard, it should be noticed that this will not only affect your profits, but peoples opinion on your moral standing in the community as well. It's also a good idea to get along with your employees as they will work harder for you, which will in turn improve turnover. And don't forget, as the owner, you will enjoy special prices on items!

The chapter on owning property emphasises the importance of proper management, both in terms of improvement to the houses you either rent out or sell, and your relationships with tenants. The rent you charge will have a profound effect on your reputation. Do you want to be know as a fair landlord or a tyrannical one?