The Seven Visions


The Elder Scrolls

[These are the words of the prophecy called "Seven Visions of Seven Trials of the Incarnate." I wrote them down as she spoke them to me.]

What he puts his hand to, that shall be done.
What is left undone, that shall be done.

On a certain day to uncertain parents
Incarnate moon and star reborn.

Neither blight nor age can harm him.
The Curse-of-Flesh before him flies.

In caverns dark Azura's eye sees
And makes to shine the moon and star.

A stranger's voice unites the Houses.
Three Halls call him Hortator.

A stranger's hand unites the Velothi.
Four Tribes call him Nerevarine.

He honors blood of the tribe unmourned.
He eats their sin, and is reborn.

His mercy frees the cursed false gods,
Binds the broken, redeems the mad.

He speaks the law for Veloth's people.
He speaks for their land, and names them great.