Creatures of Albion Book I




Nymphs are ethereal, yet dangerous creatures. There are three known types. The Water Nymph, The Wood Nymph and the very powerful Succubus Nymph. All will be eager to send you to an early death if you stray across their path.


Mindless, attacking animals bred by the Old Kingdom wall-guards for attacking intruders, minions are keen to rip the flesh of anything in their way. The only thing they fear are their masters and the bigger, more powerful minions known as Dreadwings.


Born of the fires of ancient Bolewood, scorpions are armoured beasts with evil hearts. Hushed voices tell of larger scorpions, bred in captivity for fighting.


Horrific entities caught in the netherworlds. Screamers have long struck fear into the population at night. They roam the land and are dangerous in their attacks.