The Secret of Castle Fairfax, Part II



After the strange disappearance of the alchemist Leo Head, the next owner of the castle was a ruthless man known only as the Count. These were fretful years for Bowerstone. People went missing never to be found again, and there was talk of torture and unholy rituals being conducted in the castle. All that ended when the Fairfax family took over, bringing an era of prosperity to the town. Though even then gossip about the castle didn't end.

Ingrid Fairfax died giving birth to Lucien's Father, but it was said that she was an unstable woman, and that the news of her death was a cover for the truth: that she had been locked in an attic, to see out her madness in seclusion.

Lucien's father grew up to be a good man, beloved by all, though he never recovered from the death of his daughter, Ellie. Only a very young Lucien witnessed her death, powerless to stop it. Many would remember this early tragedy when an even greater one would befall Lord Lucien later in life.