Creatures of Albion Book II




The Wasps have stings that more than match their size. They are aggressive and can kill if enough venom is injected into their foes. Their aerial antics make them tough to hit, and weary travellers should especially fear the Wasp Queen, leader of the hive.


The Beetles of Albion's woods are tough, dangerous foes when they attack en masse. Those skilled at weaponry are required to defeat them. Villagers, even armed, strong ones risk great harm if they take on a nest of Beetles.


Born from beneath the ground of Albion, trolls are ancient, powerful beings. The Earth Trolls are single-minded and extremely dangerous, but the mighty Rock Trolls inspire awe and fear in all who behold them. Lumbering hulks they may be, but they make mighty foes and demand respect from even the most powerful heroes.


The Undead are unthinking and impervious to what mortals consider pain. Wave upon wave will keep advancing until they overpower their victims, so the only way to stop them is with extreme force.