AdventureQuest: A Select Your Own Endeavour Book

Montgomery Array


Montgomery Array:
Spending all they years of your young life on a small farm in a backwater county has made you restless. Who knows what flight of fancy or idle daydream first sparked your desire for adventure. But once ignited, the flames of wanderlust could not be extinguished - not even by the water of looking at things in more realistic terms and perhaps considering a career in excavation. Your parents tried to reason with you, but the protest of the old ring hollow in the ears of a strong-willed young farm boy or girl like you. And so now you stand at a crossroads. It's a nice one, with newly painted signs and a bench. If you want to head east, toward the ominous ruins, turn to page 2. To go west, towards the ancient forest, turn to page 4. To head north, toward the snow-covered mountains, turn to page 156. If you want to go south, which is back home, read this page again