Alchemy and Immortality

Vivian Quicksand


Vivian Quicksand:
Many have sought the Elixir of Immortality, the Secret Wisdom of the Ages, the Hidden Lore that the Emerald Tablet speaks of. Few have found it. And by few, I mean none, and by none, I mean one. And by one, I mean me. And by mean, I mean imply. Anyway-- I have found the elixir, and now everlasting youth is mine! At last, the ultimate dream I realised: to live for all eternity. In that time I will ponder the greatest questions... such as, do I stay my current age from now on, or could I actually be younger forever? And if so, how would that age be chosen? And will my body still change according to diet and exercise, or is there a sort of implied perfect health that goes along with the longevity? And what happens if I'm shot or I fall off a cliff, can that kill me? Am I only safe from a death by natural causes? And what about fertility? Will I be able to have children 10,000 years from now? Hmmm... I might actually need longer than eternity for some of these.