Creatures of Albion Book III




The wolf-people of the forests, Balverines are strong, cunning and fast. They are evil through and through, but especially so are the stronger, more cunning White Balverines born of a full moon. These are said to be the result of those bitten who resisted the poison and, instead of dying, became one with the clan. The Old Kingdom tells of silver weapons built especially to kill these White Balverines.


The under-race of the dells and hollows, the Hobbes are short and squat half-people whose genetics are entwined with the mud and slime of the deep country. Often dim but always aggressive, Hobbes are led by tougher leaders. The brainiest can even learn to use spells, some say.


Albion is surrounded by nine seas, and the Krakens rule them all. These aquatic creatures were here long before the Kingdoms of Old, yet few have ever seen one. And not even the most boastful Heroes claim to have defeated a Kraken in combat.


What more can be said about these fiery creatures who own the mountains? A race in decline, they were once revered, but now they are just an ancient, albeit powerful and dangerous relic of the Old Kingdom.