1st Force Recon Company Log

Captain Veronica Oberst

Deus Ex

1st Force Recon Company Log
Captain Veronica Oberst, Company Commander

... initial resistance was light and by 19:45 we were able to secure the silo and surrounding facilities with minimal casualties -- nothing more than a bunch of scientists, most of them not even armed. I've detached a platoon for mop-up and identification. HQ has asked for a complete list of enemy casualties; I've also been asked to locate Howard Strong -- he's one of our assets -- and turn him over to Agent Karyo. A preliminary list follows; I'll update it as more information becomes available.

Dr. Sue Feguson - Deceased
Dr. Royce Davison - Deceased
Elroy Jones - Deceased
Dr. L. Bernard - Captured
Rory Calloway - Deceased
Jessica Hutchens - Deceased
Dr. Yuri Alibek - Deceased
Dr. Hanako Miyase - Deceased?