Chinese Lunar Mine Operational

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APR - Beijing, China

Chinese authorities today announced that their state of the art Zhou Enlai Lunar Mining Complex is operational and functioning at one hundred percent capacity.

"We are pleased to be making significant progress not just in pushing back the boundaries of exploration for all humanity, but in developing the lunar terrorities in a way that benefits the Chinese people and the global market," said Nghia Lam, Chinese Premier.

While the United States and Nigeria still dispute China's claims to the lucrative Palus Somnii and Mare Crisium regions, Chinese construction has proceeded apace while diplomatic negotiations continue. "We feel we have some valid claim to those territories, certainly," said Robert Holden, Secretary of the Interior for the U.S. "But we would prefer to find an equitable arrangement that would allow our countries to work together in developing man's first real home outside of our own planet."

The first ore delivery from the factory will be launched by mass driver tomorrow and should arrive in Earth orbit by next week.