From Nirn To The Aether


The Elder Scrolls

Still recovering from prior incident with the device. Some adjustments need to be made, obviously. More magicka is needed, much more, along with a better method of forcefully channeling it into upward movement.
And next time I hope to land in the water.

Nothing great has ever been accomplished without setbacks and pain. And what goal could be greater than this? They laughed when I shouted "From Nirn to the Aether ... and back!" from the rooftops, but I will have the last chortle. It is more than a motto to me, it is my life's quest.

It can be done and I will do it. Every trial takes me one step closer. Tomorrow's attempt will be the breakthrough, I feel it in my bones. I sense the stars aligning in favor of my quest. My name will be recorded in the scrolls of history!