Creatures of the North



This well-worn book was written by the local Snowspire historian and adventurer, Rewer, but one of the blank pages at the front has recently been filled with Scythe's uneasy handwriting: "This ancient volume contains the only description of Summoners I have found. Their presence at this time is highly unnatural. They should have faded with the centuries as I have. Unless something else has returned them to this world..."


Closely related to the Earth and Rock Trolls, these impressive beasts have adapted to their arctic environment. Their frozen attacks are not to be taken lightly.


Related to the Nymphs of mainland Albion, though many have found them more resilient. Their death is not brought about easily. They are able to conjure up what local people call Wraiths, though many scholars prefer the term hoar Skeleton.


These are Undead creatures, whose frosty visage perfectly mirrors the icy spectre of death that permeates them.


Colossal undead warriors reanimated through dark magics. Older accounts record their ability to summon creatures from the underworld to unleash upon their victims. More recent observers -- those few who have survived -- have dismissed this as a myth. Still, their name remains, as does their reputation as one of the most powerful creatures to ever walk our lands. Their command of lightning is especially arresting.