Beth DuClare Awarded Legion of Honor

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APR - Paris, France

Beth DuClare, millionaire, philanthropist, activist--and famously reputed to be the mistress of French President Alain Bourges-Maunoury -- was today posthumously awarded the position of Chevalier in the Ordre Royale de la Legion d'honneur. Created by Napolean Bonaparte on May 19, 1802, the Legion of Honor is an order of merit to which all qualifying military personnel or civilians can be nominated without regard to birth or religion, provided that they swear to uphold liberty and equality.

The award was not without some controversy, as members of the Republican Social Union for French Democracy (RSUFD) party disputed the merit based on her involvement in the "Somnolente Ile" scandal that rocked the Serra administration five years ago.

Beth DuClare passed away in September, found dead at her chateau of natural causes. She was survived by her daughter, Nicolette DuClare, who has been missing since her mother's death. Police currently have no leads as to her whereabouts.

The award was accepted on Beth DuClare's behalf by President Bourges-Maunoury.