Search for Terrorist Leader Intensifies

Unknown[Deus Ex]

Deus Ex

APR - New York

UNATCO is working closely with FEMA and other international security agencies around the world to apprehend JC Denton, a terrorist with ties to a number of groups including the NSF, Silhouette, and organized crime in Hong Kong.

"We believe him to be responsible for organizing and leading the attack on Liberty Island and the deaths of a number of UNATCO agents," said Walton Simons, Director of FEMA. "The necessity of instituting martial law in New York -- unheard of in the history of America -- is directly attributable to criminal elements operating under his orders."

Simons went on to say that evidence recovered from the recent bombing of the VersaLife building in Hong Kong demonstrates JC Denton's involvement "beyond a shadow of a doubt" and points towards an organized, systematic campaign of terror designed to "extort freedom for politically dangerous ideologies through any means necessary."

Authorities are also seeking any information on the whereabouts of Alex Jacobson or Brian "Jock" Flanagan, key figures in the terrorist organization.