Bot Kills Three in Accidental Shooting

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APR - Paris, France

Yves-Pierre Adrien, Dominique Vittet, and Marie Philibert were heading home from a late night on the town when they were gunned down in the street by a military bot that mistakenly identified them as terrorists. Since the institution of martial law in Paris, bots have regularly patrolled those areas with a high level of criminal activity, armed with a visual database profiling thousands of wanted terrorists, thieves, and drug dealers.

"It was awful," said Kristi Amiel. A waitress at Enfant Terrible -- a nearby cafe where the trio had their last cup of coffee--she was witness to the shooting. "The bot just kept shooting and shooting until all you could hear was an empty clicking sound, then one of the soldiers ran into the control station across the street trying to shut it down, but nothing happened. It just kept clicking... trying to shoot them again."

Police Prefect Hubert Dupuy defended the practice during a news conference earlier today. "The bots are programmed to only use lethal force if the suspects resist arrest, and while these deaths are tragedies to be mourned, it in no way compromises the effectiveness of bots in keeping Parisians safe."