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APR - New York

In a momentous speech held at 2:30PM EST today, Philip Mead announced the declaration of martial law throughout the United States, citing a "fundamental threat to the American way of life in the form of organized, insidious terrorism." With major American cities already reeling under the impact of the "Gray Death", looting and rioting have reached disastrous levels while terrorist attacks have grown increasingly ubiquitous, climaxing in the attack on UNATCO headquarters in New York last week. Local authorities have so far proven ineffectual in stemming the tide of violence, and even Washington, D.C., has been hit by an outbreak of the Gray Death. Highly placed sources have speculated that Mead himself may be infected.

President Mead appointed Walton Simons, Director of FEMA, to spearhead an interim council tasked with managing the government response. "We will do everything -- everything -- that is in our power to restore the peace and security of the average American," said Simons. "In no way will this violate the civil liberties that have made this country great -- instead, we pledge to do everything in our power to safeguard those liberties against all who would see them torn apart."