Irrigation Research Journal


The Elder Scrolls

ADJUSTMENT: No moisture
RESULTS: All crops died
NOTES: Plants seem to need moisture. Denying it caused withering and rapid crop death.

ADJUSTMENT: Water alternative
RESULTS: Crops initially thrived, eventually died
NOTES: Animal urine employed as water alternative. Animals seemed to resent being held in place until urination occurred. Cats were especially difficult. Badilia vocally resented having to restrain animals and being splashed with urine. Had to pay bonus.

RESULTS: Crops failed to grow at all
NOTES: Badilia said that rocks around plants help hold in moisture. Planted seeds and placed rocks on top. No crop growth noted at all. Suspect Badilia of ill intent.

ADJUSTMENT: Add rocks, Part II
RESULTS: Crops thrived
NOTES: Badilia explained that rocks are applied after crops have sprouted. Eye rolling and sighing was excessive. Waited until crops broke through the ground, then placed rocks around stems. Success was noted. Badilia called it "keeping their feet wet"; confusing, as plants do not have feet.

ADJUSTMENT: Constant moisture
RESULTS: Test not yet complete
NOTES: If some moisture is good for plants, then more must be better. Have flooded fields and am keeping plants constantly wet. Eye rolling detected from Badilia, but trial continues.