U.S. Situation Worsens

Unknown[Deus Ex]

Deus Ex

APR - Washington, D.C.

With the declaration of martial law only twenty-four hours ago in the United States, the country is in turmoil and teeters on the edge of social collapse. Numerous Governors, including Jason Findley of Colorado, Gray Haddock of Texas, and Christina Leicht of California, have refused to comply with the Presidential directive or acknowledge the authority of Walton Simons, Director of FEMA. National Guard and other troops mobilized to quell domestic turmoil are in disarray as many units have gone AWOL. In a live NetCast earlier today, General Ed Garner said that he would "give no order, nor allow any order to be given to those under my command that would lead to their taking potentially lethal measures against an unarmed civilian population." He concluded by saying that "our neighbors are not our enemies."

General Garner was immediately relieved of command by Walton Simons, resulting in the resignation of N.D. Goper, Secretary of Defense.

Reports that a detachment of UNATCO troops fired on a crowd of protestors in New York City has yet to be verified, though several high-level sources within the government indicate that the situation may have degenerated to the point where UNATCO is no longer operating under governmental supervision. Similar reports have been received from Mexico City, London, Berlin, Paris, and Moscow.