Unknown [Mass Effect]

Mass Effect

The flagship of the rogue ex-Spectre Saren Arterius, Sovereign is a devastating dreadnought of unprecedented power.

At two kilometers long, Sovereign was believed to have been powered by a gigantic element zero core, the only energy source potent enough to land the massive vessel on a planet.

During the Eden Prime War, the ship unleashed its peerless destructive force against which Citadel Council ships were defenseless. With a virtually indestructible flagship and a crew of fanatic geth and krogan, Saren nearly succeeded in wiping out all his enemies. Only the resourcefulness and bravery of the commander and crew of the SSV Normandy stopped him.

The overwhelming power of Sovereign ignited bizarre speculations in tabloid media that the vessel was sent by extragalactic invaders, or was - despite indeterminate photographic evidence at best - a single giant robot. Some sources even claimed Sovereign was alive. Such conjecture, however baseless, remains to this day.