Meagan Foster's Notebook

Meagan Foster


I'm starting to understand why Anton wanted to go to Dunwall to seek [Emily's/Corvo's] help. [She's/he's] impressive. I have to wonder if [she's/he's] really suited for palace life. Maybe [she/he] wonders that [herself/himself] sometimes.

We could've been good friends, at a time when I was running across the rooftops like [she/he] is now, watching my enemies from the shadows.

I just hope [she's/he's] breathing tomorrow morning, so I can complain when she puts [her/his] dusty boots up on the table again. I've lost so many friends. First my sweet Deirdre. Others along the way. Good old Aramis Stilton, who disappeared three years ago. And now Anton.

Maybe this is my punishment. I'm bad luck.

Please, [Emily/Corvo], bring him back.

I've seen mean storm clouds gathering, only to disperse in an hour's time. I've seen monstrous waves in the distance, towering like high hills, that were only a ripple by the time they reached the boat.

Things aren't right. They never have been, but at least everything's held at the center for a long while. Now I worry all the time. For me, for Anton, for everything. I should quit. Disappear again. Anyone else would, I think. Self preservation is only natural. I could take my boat and go anywhere. Be anybody. Be nobody. Nobody again. I'd like that.

I've had many different lives. Could I start a new one now? How many more do I have left? I'm so tired. I wish I could sleep, and wake up as somebody else.

What day is it? I guess it doesn't matter.

I don't know what will happen. No one can know. But I have a feeling that we'll all be dead soon. Everyone dies, just like my sweet Deidre, twitching in the mud. But I think death is very close now. The air feels strange. The wind is coming from the West. I saw a dead gull floating in some foam.

Don't go off to Dunwall, Billie! That's what I'm reading from all the signs. I could run. Finally try to find him at long last, the old Knife himself. They could rent another boat. They don't need me, not really. So I could run.

I should run. Haven't I had more than my share of blood?

So, why am I still here?