Last Entry in a Sailor's Diary

Unknown [Dishonored]



Born in Dunwall. Thought I'd die here too. But I got to go find a new home. It ain't one way or the other to me who runs the Empire. Euhorn from way back, his granddaughter Lady Emily, this new Delilah, whoever. None of 'em could be like Jessamine. She really had something special.

Anyway, I'd stay, but Dunwall's gone to junk, and there ain't nothing here for an old sailor. I'm gonna get killed in the street just for buying an ale, that's what. I got one regret, that I'll never see my secret room again. Bin working on it since I was a young man. My shrine. Lucky little tidbits I found here and there. My whalebone carvings. Quite a collection. But I can't bring a whole room with me, now can I?

Anyway, I ain't so old that I can't start a new shrine wherever I wash up. Maybe Tyvia.