Sewer and Pump Room Inspection

Unknown [Dishonored]


Water levels normal. Had to burn a few river krusts next to gate 2B. They shouldn't come back this time.

Water levels normal.

Severe rain. Water levels above normal.

Can't believe what happened today. Looks like we got ourselves a new Empress, out of nowhere. I don't like it.

I didn't get word from anyone. Not sure if I'm supposed to continue working as usual. Removed a dead hound stuck in gate 14D. It doesn't feel safe outside. I'll just hide here for a while. I found myself a good spot near the pump room.

I heard people talking in the sewers. Two of those strange women who came to live in the Tower with the new Empress. They were collecting moss and algae from the walls. Stayed maybe an hour, scraping and chanting. Are they cleaning the sewers? That doesn't make any sense. And do they know I still work here? Does anyone?

The women came back. Still scratching the sewer walls for algae. But they talked about humans bones they need for some kind of recipe? Or maybe I misunderstood. What should I do? I need to get out before they find me, or before I starve to death. I'll take my chances tonight.