Book of Sermons

Unknown [Dishonored]



Pious Serkonans and my Righteous brothers from the Abbey, welcome all.

We are being tested in these times, tested by the Outsider. He searches daily for weakness, for fear. And what form, this test? Bloodflies. Biting vermin that are the very representation of our moral decay, or corrupted spirit! Minions of the Outsider, escaped from the Void! And all the while he laughs. Each infestation brings him ecstasy. Each death, a victory for him, a battle won in his endless war against our steadfastness.

But he needs an ally in our world. Where does the Outsider find these traitors? In those places most downtrodden! Crumbling buildings, stinking whorehouses, and filthy back alleys where fishmongers toss the innards of their catch! In the sewers where mudlarks collect dropped trinkets among putrid human waste! And in ale houses. Trust not these dark places and their denizens! The Mark of the Outsider is upon them.

Let us now contemplate the Strictures as we listen to the Hymn, "Corruption At My Heels, I Hasten Away."