Dr. Galvani's Journal

Dr. Galvani


I've been invited to a soiree at the Boyle Estate. Of course, I won't attend. The 28th day of the 7th month, the Month of High Cold, is the day I met Anton Sokolov at the Academy. Why would I tarnish the anniversary of the most important day of my life by licking aristocratic boots? I have no time for fools. I will be solving the riddle of this plague.

Perhaps I'll raise a cup of Tyvian red.

2nd Day, Month of Earth, 1852

I've lived in Dunwall most of my life, surviving even the dreaded Rat Plague fifteen years ago. I remember people fighting and killing each other for a half empty elixir flask. I dealt with house-breakers repeatedly back then, and ultimately decided to sell my house at Clavering in favor of a more secure location.

Surely, I won't be disturbed anymore, living so close to Dunwall Tower itself. On some days, I've even seen the Empress riding by in a carriage. Once already, I thought I spied the Royal Protector on a nearby rooftop, watching a street altercation below. So I feel safer now. I have less space here, but should still be able to conduct my experiments without fearing the loss of any expensive lab equipment or the funding my work so dearly depends upon.

24th Day, Month of Earth, 1852
In the middle of the Coup against out fair Empress Emily, whom I've supported since her mother's time, I was robbed again! Some miscreant took advantage of the chaos and broke into my new apartment. I give up, this city is cursed. I'm leaving forever. I've sold everything and I'm off to Tyvia.

If you come back again, you scoundrel, enjoy your visit to my home. There's nothing left to steal! Maybe you can roll yourself up in my carpets and lick the dust from the furniture, since you seem to have such an obsession with me!