Gathering of the Regenters

Unknown [Dishonored]


2nd Day, Month of Timber, 1851

All members present.

Primary Agenda: Possible actions for the upcoming Anniversaryof the Death of Empress Jessamine Kaldwin.

Proposal by Correy Brockburn: Letter to the Karnaca Gazette, explaining that while her murderwas reprehensible, the end results may have been positive for the Empire.

Action: Motion approved unanimously.

Proposal by Janice Tines: Members wear Lord Regent's crest armbands on the Anniversary.

Objection by Correy Brockburn: Lovely idea, but it may hurt business for members who need to deal with many clients on that day. Clients may find it in poor taste.

Action: 4 votes against, 3 votes in favor. Motion rejected.

Counter-proposal by Janice Tines: Armbands could be worn on the 15th anniversary of the Lord Regent's (unlawful) arrest.

Action: Motion approved unanimously.

Proposal by Teodoro Benitez: Campaign demanding wider deployment of the Wall of Light, brought back into use inKarnacaby DukeLuca Abele. "The Boldest Measures Are the Safest."

Action: Vote delayed until word comes fromGrand Guardleadership, collecting facts on reductions of crime across Karnaca. Proposal added to agenda for next gathering.

Cocktails and spirits served.