Crown Killer Rampage Continues

Unknown [Dishonored]


Wherever there are opponents of Empress Emily Kaldwin, so follow the ghastly deeds of the Crown Killer!

The first victims were citizens of Karnaca, most notably Correy Brockburn, one of the earliest to so openly criticize the young Kaldwin. Just a month after the passage of her Sharecropper Rights Act, Brockburn urged the Parliament in Gristol to hold a vote for No Confidence. He never ceased to scrutinize the decrees from Dunwall Tower, attacking each with the same ferocity.

After Brockburn's terrible death, several more fell in Karnaca, always old foes of the Kaldwin family, including Janice Tines, the former editor of the Karnaca Gazette. A week after her scathing editorial called Emily "an Empress in name only," Tines was found dead in her office, missing several limbs that were never recovered.

Then the murders spread to other parts of the Empire. Dozens have now been taken, the latest being Ichabod Boyle, a respected businessman from Dunwall, who founded the "Anti-Rationing Club" to protest recent Imperial decrees on the distribution of whale oil.