Note to Purlos

Unknown [Dishonored]


Purlos, I'm posting this letter, but if you're reading it, you've got the brains of a mule. You didn't pay no attention to what I said. You had to come to Karnaca anyway. All right, fine! But you won't find me and Camina here, 'cause we're leaving as soon as we get the money.

You say you lived here most of your life, so you know the place. And I'm telling you, you're wrong. You don't know shit. The city's changed. When the Duke's son took over years back, that's when everything went sideways. At first it was all just disorganized. New taxes and fees, some parts of the city heavily patrolled, some districts with no one from the Grand Guard anywhere to be seen.

Then things got nasty. Bodies in alleys, the Howler gang going wild, the bloodflies worse than I ever seen. So what'd the new Duke do? He cracked down, so now the Grand Guard are surrounding people on the street, beating 'em to death. Anybody they don't like, anybody they don't recognize.

I told you not to come to Karnaca! Good luck, but you can't say you didn't get a warning.