Secret Letter to Brother Harold

Brother Chester


Good Brother Harold,
Last week when we talked, oh what a state I was in. It was good of you to take me aside and lend your advice. I have taken it to heart and I know you are correct. Yes, I will need to be purified through ritual.

Ah! What a road I have ahead of me! I know it well, for you may not know, but I endured the ritual once before - but three years ago! Though I was young and strong, I came within an inch of death!

If I may impose upon you once again, would you be so kind as to not mention our conversation to anyone? I will arrange for the ritual, of course, very soon. Though I confess, ever since our talk I feel much better. No comparison to that agitated state in which you found me. Peace and clarity have returned to me. Truly, I do feel better.

In all things,
Brother Chester