Unknown [Dishonored]


I have a new assignment for one with your unique talents.

I'd like you to retrieve the old Roseburrow Prototype on display at the Royal Conservatory. It's likely well-protected, but I'll double the finder's fee.


This isn't how we did it for the first game. Where's Essie?

And we have to do things in the same way

Sometimes location description isn't enough or too blur.

In this case I'd say a picture of the actual Roseburrow prototype would be fitting.

But yes, with the first Dishonored the pics for the books, notes, audiographs, etc were 90%+ of the time in reference more so to the content as opposed to an actual physical pic of the item.

Essie had a brilliant artsy-style about her pics and her choices of what to add to give the page a little more panache.

Molotov did this too, if I remember right (though I could be mistaken on this point).

As Tea said, just a pic of the item itself is rather boring, and so... uninspired.