Guard Deserting




That's it, mate. We talked about it last night, and me and my Jilly are leaving Dunwall.

You know me, I was always City Watch through and through. I never thought I'd be a deserter. But there's no other way. Staying in the Tower with Delilah and all her followers would be nuts. I've seen things in the last week that I didn't think could happen.

When Mortimer Ramsey said Empress Emily was a traitor, and that Lord Corvo had been killing off nobles, I believed it. Now I'm sure I was being naive. We all got taken on that one. Everything's ten times worse now than it's ever been.

Jilly and I are going up to Poolwick. Her sister has a farm outside of town. So goodbye, and good luck. If you ever get up there, I owe you a few drinks. As always, remember our motto. Keep your head down.