Bloodfly Situation Worsens

Unknown [Dishonored]


After initial reports from the Grand Serkonan Guard stating the "Bloodfly Concern" was under control, authorities here in Karnaca now concede that the situation has worsened. New nests are being found "at an alarming rate" said one city official who wished to remain anonymous. Physicians are overwhelmed with cases of bloodfly fever, some too advanced to treat. If not contained, the infestation could bring Karnaca to the brink of ruin.

However, there is at least one reason to remain hopeful. Even as the Duke's men smoke-flash infested buildings, Dr. Alexandria Hypatia of Addermire Institute is said to be working tirelessly to find a cure for the fever. Readers will remember that the Duke closed Addermire to the public a few months ago, so that the good doctor could devote herself entirely to perfecting her latest version of "Addermire Solution."

For this, Duke Abele's leadership should be praised.