Maintenance List

Meagan Foster


- Repair the things that got busted up in Anton's room, when he was taken. It's been weeks now.
No, scratch that. Not until I bring him back home. As a show of faith that he will be coming back.

- Unblock the storage door. Looks like something fell on the other side. And I really need to sell the stuff locked up in there to make some coin.

- Pay the port tax and the "look the other way" fees to those Grand Guard bastards, before they wonder who my passenger is this time.
I'll do it when I get the money.

Drain Engine Room - Another week, another leak.

I wasted hours on it and couldn't get it stopped. I'll shut the water off, assuming I can find the crank-wheel. Something to deal with once Sokolov is safe.

Check Bridge Tubing - DONE
Haul Down Oil - DONE
Buy Onions - DONE