THE SILVER SPIKE - The Vice Overseer is Missing!

The Silver Spike


The Abbey of the Everyman refused to confirm that Vice Overseer Liam Byrne has gone missing. Of course they did. But the rumors are strong, friends, with reports of suspicious signs coming out of the old Miners Union building where Byrne and his Abbey boys were set up against Paolo in the Dust District.

As readers of the Silver Spike know, rumors are more likely to be true than "official reports." How common is it for the Vice Overseer himself to miss his daily sermon at Shindaerey Plaza, tell me that?

Word is, Byrne's sudden absence has left the Abbey outpost in disarray, with the Overseers forced to abandon it, withdrawing from the area. So now the Howlers are stepping up, exert more control over the Dust District. Paolo has already started whispering from lieutenant to lieutenant, from local shopkeeper to some of his "friends" in the Grand Guard.

Changes are coming to Karnaca. And from what I hear, some of you in the community welcome these new developments