THE SILVER SPIKE - Mystery Women Leave Conservatory

The Silver Spike


Residents living near the Royal Conservatory report strange tidings, friends! As regular readers know, Curator Breanna Ashworth shuttered the Conservatory some time ago. And at nearly the same time, the Duke tripled security outside. Why would a museum sit closed? To save funding? I don't buy it. What costs are incurred by maintaining rooms full of old bones?

Now, something stranger still. No one has seen Breanna Ashworth in days, but a steady trickle of women have been seen leaving the Royal Conservatory at odd hours.

Some were seen heading for the docks, near the canal, assumably on their way north. To Dunwall, perhaps? Is there a connection between these strange women and our new Empress, Delilah? Are they somehow related to the missing women we've reported over the last three years, from families complaining of wandering daughters, some of whom suffered from "dissolution of the spirit" so severe as to require daily bloodletting.

We will reveal more as we continue to investigate.