THE SILVER SPIKE - Palaces Don't Make Kings!

The Silver Spike


Read further at your own peril my friends, for the truth is a dangerous thing. Any in-bred highborn or even the luckiest commoner can wind up living in a might tower with a fancy title before their name! Those we consider to be made of finer material are in fact just as rough-cut as the rest of us, guided by irrational terror and petty grievance.

Did Jessamine Kaldwin deserve our respect, or did she deserve the knife? Was the former Duke Theodanis Abele a fine ruler, as some say? Well, good readers, that depends on your perspective. Are you the craftsman struggling to profit on your fine cabinets? Or are you the woodsman selling your lumber at the highest price? Maybe again you're the local law-keeper, applying a tax to the woodcutting or the sale of the furniture. "Truth" is a variable.

Consider Emily Kaldwin or her infamous father, Royal Protector Corvo Attano. How did the Empire fare beneath them, good or ill? And now it's Delilah, painter and some say occult figure. What will her time as Empress bring you and me, down on the streets?

None of the snots living in a palace know anything about the Dust District, even Lord Corvo Attano, despite him being born here. Would he recognize the place now? And would we recognize him?