Unknown [Mass Effect]

Mass Effect

2069 - Armstrong Outpost at Shackleton Crater becomes the first human settlement on Luna. It is formally founded on July 24, the 100th anniversary of the first lunar landing.

2103 - Lowell City in Eos Chasma becomes the first human settlement on Mars.

2137 - Eldfell-Ashland Energy Corporation demonstrates helium-3 fuel extraction from the atmosphere of Saturn.

2142 - Construction of Gagarin Station (Jump Zero) begins beyond the orbit of Pluto.

2148 - Prospectors discover the Prothean ruins at Promethei Planum on Mars.

2149 - Translation of Prothean data leads humans to the Charon mass relay. Systems Alliance founded to coordinate exploration and colonization of extra-solar worlds.

2151 - A shipping accident at Singapore International Spaceport exposes downwind communities to containers of dust-form element zero. Alliance begins construction of Arcturus Station.

2152 - Roughly 30% of the children born in Singapore after element zero exposure suffer from cancerous growths. Systems Alliance begins settlement of Earth's first extra-solar colony world, the planet Demeter.

2154 - Commander Shepard born.

2155 - Systems Alliance occupies completed portions of Arcturus Station as a headquarters.

2156 - Some children of Singapore exhibit minor telekinetic abilities.

2157 - Turians encounter human explorers; First Contact War. Occupation and liberation of the human colony of Shanxi.

2158 - Humans learn potential of biotics. An international effort to track element zero exposures begin. Roughly 10% of exposed children show some sign of biotic ability.

2160 - Systems Alliance Parliament formed.

2165 - Humans establish embassy on Citadel.

2170 - Batarian slavers attack the Alliance colony Mindoir.

2176 - Skyllian Blitz- Pirates and slavers attacked Elysium, the human capital in the Skyllian Verge.

2177 - Thresher maws devour the Alliance colony of Akuze.

2178 - In retaliation for the Skyllian Blitz, an Alliance fleet wipes out an army of slavers on the moon of Torfan.

2183 - Current date.

Mass Effect 2 Updates:

2183 - Geth led by rogue Spectre Saren Arterius attack the Citadel, ensuing in a battle that cost thousands of lives. A few weeks later, the SSV Normandy is ambushed and destroyed. Commander Shepard is presumed dead.

2185 - Current date.

Mass Effect 3 Updates:

2185 - An alien race known as the Collectors abducts thousands of human colonists in the Terminus Systems. Commander Shepard leads a team beyond the Omega 4 Relay to attack the Collectors where they live, stopping the abductors.

2186 - Current date.