Warning from Breanna Ashworth

Breanna Ashworth


All of you, if you share my loyalty to Delilah and to our Coven, heed my words. Again, I was haunted by nightmares about the Oraculum. The original lenses Jindosh used in the device nearly ruined me. I felt Delilah's magic flicker, and the flame she rekindled in me almost went dark, like it did after Brigmore, fifteen years ago.

I fear another accident like that will cost me everything: my connection to the Void, to magic itself. We cannot afford any more mistakes. I will study the discarded lenses in my workshop, then have them destroyed.

Remember that Delilah is relying on my efforts, and the Oraculum is attuned to me alone. Do not interfere with the device. Only I have a chance to control the Oracular Sisters.