Study Door Combination

Unknown [Dishonored]


With Duke Luca coming tonight, there will be so many strangers in my house. I shouldn't have agreed to host this cursed séance. Something is going to happen, I can feel it. Maybe I won't attend. Feign sickness, or lock myself up in the bathroom.

Anyway I need to change the combination to the Study door, as I was asked. Let's focus on something else. Old memories.

[number] - The coins in my pocket when I left Morley and came to Karnaca. "One coin for each week until I take another boat and join you," my mother said. But then she never came.
7 - My birth month. I'm probably the only person who knows the date since Theodanis passed away.
[number] - The number painted on my lunch bucket when I worked the mines. I was just a kid, but it feels like yesterday.