THE SILVER SPIKE - Patients Aplenty for Hypatia's Return

The Silver Spike


A rare piece of welcome news today, fellow citizens of Karnaca! Dr. Alexandria Hypatia has returned to us! For months, we have endured uncertainty about her safety and whereabouts. Dark speculation and endless runaround from the Grand Palace! When Duke Abele closed the doors of Addermire Institute it only served to raise our concerns about Hypatia's situation.

But let it not be said that the Silver Spike reports only on ill winds. It seems that all is indeed well. Doctor Hypatia has confided that she suffered of late from an exhaustive derangement, which kept her from her medical duties. Now on her way to a full recovery, she sends word that, though she is temporarily working away from Addermire, she will give free consultation to anyone in need. Appointments can be made at the offices of the Miner's Family Committee.