MJ12 Nano-Augmentation Experiment Series 3-C

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MJ12 Nano-Augmentation Experiment Series 3-C
For Internal Use Only

... recent human trials and subsequent mortality studies have demonstrated that nano-augmenting of baseline human physiology is not without hazards: notably, key anatomical regions can support only limited augmentation without risking rejection or accelerated degeneration. Research is ongoing, but current data suggests the following nano-augmentation combinations have acceptable risk:

Arms: Combat Strength or Microfibral Muscle

Legs: Speed Enhancement or Run Silent

Subdermal (1): EMP Shield or Ballistic Protection

Subdermal (2): Cloak or Radar Transparency

Torso (1): Aqualung or Environmental Resistance

Torso (2): Regeneration or Energy Shield

Torso (3): Synthetic Heart or Power Recirculator

Cranium: Aggressive Defense System or Spy Drone

Optics: Targeting or Vision Enhancement

In Series 3-D we will examine the viability of genetically suppressing the immune response through epsilon elimination...