Piero's Request is Denied

Farley Havelock



No. I will not sign off on these purchases. A bag of Powdered Crystal? Tyvian ore? What's wrong with the metals in Gristol? Kingsparrow Feathers? If you need feathers sacrifice your own pillow.

Maybe at the Academy everything you needed was paid for by tariff and handed out willy-nilly, but this is my bar, or what's left of it, and we're operating on a budget. We're running low on oil, food, elixir, building materials, and everything else, so you've got to slow down.

While I'm footing the bill, I will not approve your purchases unless they're absolutely required. No more copper wire or special herbs. If you need these things, go out and scavenge them. Half the city is in ruins, so no one is going to miss any of the odd crap you seem to need.

--Admiral Havelock